Tuesday, 18 July 2017


The unsettling feeling, the tremendous distress
The darkness of the night seems appealing to my soul
as my heart is clenched with my own disappointment,
bittersweet loneliness

The flickering amber lights welcome my wounded soul
the beat of the universe beckons me towards release
my cold breath exhales a grey bitter cloud
as the sour cascade treks through my veins

Sweet distraction, blissful escape,
on the edge, I swing and sway,
mind disconnects, I have not a single care in the world
as the pain, the guilt, those mortifying thoughts are gone.

Feeling the stars impregnated in my body,
the lights a little more intense, is that a huge tomato talking?
This overwhelming, euphoric sensation.

forever in this sweet dream, lunatic imagination...

Friday, 16 June 2017

Inside, is who we are.

Just a thought. 

Being a ‘good’ person has become so relative. Something so simple, has become so complex . A human being can pray, believe in god, give, go to church, serve, and all those qualities that we “think” makes a human “good”. The question however isn't what you believe in or what method of living you follow but how you treat people and who you are, that reflects your true self.

People get so often confused about what makes a “good” person that they believe that the way you appear, dress, look,  will determine who you are. In these times we see the human race eating each other with criticism and basing a person’s integrity by their appearance. If we see a women in a short dress or shrill colors, we immediately believe she is a sinful, seductive woman, but what we ourselves fail to understand is that, in making that assumption, without the proper knowledge, talks more about ourselves than of that women. Society inundates us with expectations of how we should behave, how we should look, and even how we should live. Consequently, being different or acting in an alternate way is seen as an act of rebellion, a threat to human nature. Nowadays individuals are masquerading their true self, hiding who they are, or who they want to be, because of fear of rejection from society, because they are afraid if they do not act in such manner, or believe in such thought, then they will not “fit in” and thus they will be seen as an anomaly in a system of indistinguishability.

When people begin to prohibit new ideas, behaviors or concepts is when intolerance takes a stand and prejudice, racism, discrimination comes in the picture. Humans have been raised with a presented concept of what makes a good mundane life, involving these stages: Study, attend university, graduate, get a high paid job, marry, have children, grandchildren and eventually die. That is the idea of a life nowadays, we live by others expectations when really, what we should be doing is encouraging freedom and innovation. Close minded people will constantly limit our abilities by stating what we can or cannot achieve, making us believe that our own capability is less than what it actually is. Their own blindness makes them powerless, incapable, and many of us follow those kinds of people, infesting ourselves with their narrow beliefs.

For example, numerous religions state that homosexuality is immoral, they are often bombarded with looks of rejection and criticism, mostly in third world countries such as El Salvador; but what we should stop to think about is that homosexuas are common humans, with simply different likes. Who you like, or what you prefer does not define who you are as a person. Being different does not mean bad, through your life you encounter people with different perspectives, which will probably disagree completely in what you believe, still that does not make them worse, or better than you. Being “good”  is simply a word that defines your own personal morals, your beliefs, but mostly who you are as a person and how you treat others, that will be what ultimately reflects your true persona.

Youth live trapped in a sea of sameness, where if you are different, odd, you get criticized, excluded. But yet again, that is how society works, as the famous philosopher Plato said, “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.” And that is one of the most severe problems here in this world, that ignorant people are full of confidence, while the smart, open ones are full of doubt. Most people lack character to choose their own journey, instead they settle for following the conventional, crowd and before you know it your essence has vanished and you have become yet another grain of sand in the monotonous infinite sea.

I realized that what truly matters is having the courage to be yourself, to be whatever you want to be, dress however you want to dress, do whatever you want to do, because at the very, very end, people will always talk,criticize, so you might as well be you. We should grow from the inside and try to be the best possible version of ourselves, because that is important. In this modern world we have become too concerned and too aware of how we project ourselves in the outside, and instead we have neglected our inside. Let what you do and who you are in the inside matter most than the exterior. Society is superficial, people will always stereotype and will define who you are by what you look, but the thing is, physical beauty is just a temporary decoration, that will deteriorate with time. How you think, how you love, and how you treat people will be the ultimate pull that will bring the right people into your life. If you are you, and do good, you will come to love and respect yourself. Therefore, you will attract people who respect and value you. Just be yourself, life is too short to be like everybody else :)

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Everything within her shatters,
Wounds on her soul open, her eyes do too.
Realization and utter shock invades her senses.
A current of spoken lies had clouded her judgement.

Her heart was stabbed by a piercing knife;
One who was supposed to watch her back
Twisting, shoving, slowly, killing her inside and out.

She gave him all, she gave him trust.
But her heart became cold.
When that expectation was crushed,
She found she had been wrong all along.

It was a lesson, that made her bold.
She learned to trust none.
She will forget not a single word from
those deceitful lips that had whispered

“I care"

Monday, 15 August 2016

Half Human, Half Universe...

There is a universe within her,
That no one ever dares to probe;
With such deep misty corners,
That consume you with her wanderlust .

The shooting stars prowling inside her,
Reflect her infinite hopes;
That with her bold ambition,
Persues without fall.

She is mad and she is fire.
Her soul burns with deep desires.
She wants everything and settles for nothing;
With her intense passion for exotic places and minds.

A glitch within human specie she is;
She scares people because she is a whole all by herself,
And with her blissful insanity,
She has the power to conquer the world.

"Confess" by Colleen Hoover

Hii! So, I finished "Confess" by Colleen and also "Slammed" which I will review next. As expected this book was lovely and unique; I give it a 4 stars which is pretty good. I really did enjoy it, it's not one of my favourites by Colleen Hoover though, but I did like it. So, the story was really good and interesting, the author created tension and foreshadowing throughout the entire book which left you eager to continue reading and find what was Owen's  secret. I also completely loved the fact that Owen's art was inspired by confessions made by random strangers.
So the whole plot is that Auburn wants custody of her child and Owen keeps “dangerous” secrets so, as the book proceeds you are dying to know what Owen hides and what his secrets are however, once he reveals them it's disappointing. Honestly, I thought Owens story was going to be more intense, I don't know, something more shocking or dangerous. I wasn't bad at all, no, it was just that I expected something bigger. However once you get to the real ending there is a small confession that is mind blown. Moving on, the characters were really likeable, Owen mostly. He was funny, charming but also deep. Auburn was fine, sweet and strong; willing to fight for what she cared for. I loved Auburn's roommate and I wish I could have had the chance to know her better, she looked like fun indeed.
Its was written in two perspectives, Owen's and Auburn's which of course created a better understanding of the characters. The ending of the story was really unexpected actually and how Auburn was that smart to pull that off was astonishing. On the other hand what really did it for me was the ending ending,like the epilogue. That small confession was what I was waiting for. What this author always makes sure she adds to her stories, that small piece that ultimately completes the puzzle, that is what makes her remarkable on her work. Lovely ending and I do highly recommend it to anyone!
So yup, that's about it. Stay tuned more reviews coming up soon...
Paulina the book lover blogger

-Allan Wolf

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

"Snow like Ashes" by Sara Raasch

Hii! I haven't posted in awhile but I'm back with this "Snow like ashes" review by Sara Raasch. I have just finished book 2 of  "Vampire girl" by Karpov Kinrade and I'm currently reading "Confess" by Colleen Hoover! I love her.

Soo, "Snow like ashes" I give it a  3/5 cause it wasn't bad, but you know, I expected better. The beginning was too slow for me but the story was creative and powerful. It was about this 8 winterians who survived the conquest of winter and are fighting to stay alive as refugees and steal back winter's magic to rebuild their kingdom. Meira is the main character and a "Orphan" girl;) which desperately wants to matter, she is really strong and a good soldier but many of her colleagues don't take her seriously. The main character really isn't someone fascinating but I did like her, she's a nice person and a little sarcastic which makes her funny sometimes. However the other characters weren't even half impressive or maybe it was the fact that the story was only the main character's viewpoint; I'm not saying I dont like books with only one point of view, but they are better when the point of view differs. Moving forward, anyone who tells you there is any love in here is lying to you, this book lacks so much passion, attraction and love that I might as well don't even mention love in here. I know that this isn't a love story but come on a little tiny love doesn't affect anyone, really for me love is a must in series like this to make it more interesting and captivating. The two so-called suitors were soooo boring gosh I didn't like them at all, especially Mather, what a character with no personality,not one you would fall for, I assure you. So the characters not so good, the structure ok I guess, the story and plot was good, a lot of fighting and magic but as I mentioned before it elapsed too slow. I liked the ending though a lot, I give bonus point for the happy ending but as there are more books to come I can imagine a problem will emerge. What I also loved was the cover page, it just screamed mystery and danger. It really is a great cover page and I can guess many people choose to read this book for its amazing cover page. So yeah, if you want to read it go ahead, but if not, go ahead too and don't; honestly you aren't missing anything extraordinary.

So yup, that's about it. Stay tuned more reviews coming up soon...
Paulina the book lover blogger