Friday, 31 July 2015

The Harsh Reality Of My Country

Darkness sizes over my country,
No more peace, just more bloodshed,
In every corner death looms,
In every inch peril awaits,
My vision blurs with such violence,
I can’t longer see.

My people mourn and weep,
Begging for someone to help;
Just to hear false promises soothe their pain.

Hope keeps them going,
“We will change, you’ll see…” “Someone will help, I know…” “Everything is going to be alright, it just a small period of time…”
They say all that, though what they don’t want is to see reality as it is.
Let’s act, let’s convey harmony among us

We shall kneel before god,
Since he is the one and only who can enlighten us the way
To find Peace and freedom  in this outrageous blizzard of brutality once again. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hush, Hush Series Review 4\5

Hush, Hush was a great series full of unexpected villains and mysterious secrets. I really enjoyed this series; a captivating and thrilling story. One of the main reasons I loved this series was the character living inside it. My favourite character was Patch; he was this hot, mysterious, attractive and dangerous guy who falls in love with Nora Grey, the main character. Nora is a normal teenage girl; she is a little bit nerdy and is always too cautious, she also finds trouble opening up and trusting people.  However, as the series proceeds Nora unwraps herself, she becomes strong and brave.  Vee is also another character which made me laugh throughout this series. She is Nora’s best friend. She is sarcastic, comical and supportive, always thinking about shopping, boys and mostly food. Scott was also another really important character for me, he was one of Nora’s most faithful friend which came in the second book (Crescendo) he is a flirty, handsome and charming character, he is silly and is often mocking Nora, However he is very loyal and strong.

I also liked the fact that mystery remained to the very end, always keeping the captivating feeling for the reader.  I also loved that many of the events, outcomes and betrayals where unexpected, this made the story breathtaking; you could never know who or what was going to happen and that made the whole series very compelling.

The story itself isn’t my favourite, because all though I enjoyed the series some of the books were a waste of time, for me the third book (silence) was very boring, it was like reading the first book all over again. I was a little disappointed on the lovers, I think the author did not do a very god job on showing their strong affection, she had to make us feel the love of the characters. I personally think that if the lovers have such strong love for each other the writer must make us know and fell that their love is beyond reasoning. Even though the author showed the love of Nora and Patch on the way they thought, the decisions they took and the way they relayed and protected each other the couple did lack passion.

Some books where better than others, I personally loved Crescendo and Finale, I liked all of them but those two were the best. In Crescendo many secrets and mysteries were discovered, it also ended in a very spooky cliff hanger. In Finale there was a lot of action, betrayal, decision and strategy but also truth, loyalty, passion and loss. I cried so, so much in this book for so many reasons. The ending was absolutely marvelous, it was just amazing. I completely loved the way Rebecca Fitzpatrick finishes her series off; it was so heart touching but also very amusing, I think she made a great decision in finishing it with a phrase, a simple phrase I think I will never forget. I really do think that Rebecca Fitzpatrick succeeded on making this story worth living. It’s a must read!

Yup, that's about it! Stay tuned more reviews coming up soon...
Paulina the book lover blogger