Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Heaven as I long for you...

Oh Heaven, Heaven as I long for you…
I am forever looking upon you
Keep always remembering my ways
As my desire is to chase,
paradise blaze.

Heaven, the land of peace and joy.
Heaven, where I will hear choirs
sing in glory of my lord.
Heaven, I will remember to always pray.
Heaven, the place where old become young.
Heaven, where holiness will be shared among us all

Oh Heaven
That unknown place we call heaven.
Where all soul are longing for,
To the righteous people
we shall be rewarded.
Though we will be judged
in the hands of our God.

Heavenly Heaven, when will I see you?
Take me whenever you wish
I will be ready, whenever you agree.

Saturday, 17 January 2015


The city of Faar is governed by the hands of pure evil twin sisters, unstoppable evil lurks around. The twin sisters are consuming every inch of their own kingdom, led by their own selfishness and acquisitiveness. The whole world seems to fall apart, people are tired of their cruelty, tired of blood being spilled and when everything seemed hopeless a girl, April Lanace finally discovers the concealing truth about herself and the world around. Behind the black rag she uses, a truly beautiful person remains shrouded. She has more power than she imagines. However, she will now have to choose which path is right. If she is willing to save Faar from the devil reign and make finally peace among every one she must keep herself prudent since to do justice you must be pure of heart. Yet, she isn’t aware the devil is close, lurking. It has laid a weapon, a weapon which could change all her decisions and make her journey far more tricky. Will she be strong enough and suppress what she feels to save Faar on time? Or will she fall into the devils trap and commit sin by her own foolishness?