Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Promise

My eye open and as my vision adjusts the ugliness of the room becomes evident. I am in a small room, it looks old; its white-grey paint is falling apart. It’s dark, so I can barely make out what seems to be metallic tables at the back of the room.  I cannot however, make out if there are things on them. It is gloomy and my vision can only reach a low extent. I’m drowning in confusion… it's all so puzzling, Where am I? What is this place? How did I get here? My head spins and spins. I try to stand up but I can’t, I am tightly gripped and unable to move. My heart starts to beat extremely fast, and I start to panic. Where am I? I cry. My mind is pounding so hard I feel my brain is coming out. I gasp for air, as I try to escape those awful, throbbing chains. Desperation and dread consume me, and I can’t longer think straight. I stiffen as the events that had occurred flash rapidly though my mind.  
I remember how I got here. The memory comes so sudden it leaves me breathless.   I was walking slowly over the streets of Pittsburgh, thinking I was three weeks away for my 18th birthday. My mother was making all sorts of preparations for this huge party she wanted to throw for me, she was really busy and so I decided to walk to the gym.  On my way, my phone rang. The number calling me was unknown, still I answered it. “Hello. Who is this?” no answer. “Hello?” Then, out of the blue a hoarse voice spoke. “I will kill you. I promise… I promise I will kill you” Whoever was on the other side of the line hung up without saying another word. It left me speechless; I froze with terror. I force myself to calm down and keep walking. It’s just a silly joke;  just some stupid guys trying to scare you, I told myself over and over again. After that, I just remember pieces of it. I remember being ambushed; a small clothing being held over my nose, and darkness wrapping me out of consciousness.
Tears come running down my cheek, dread and terror oversize me. I can hear that voice in my mind echoing over and over again: I promise.... I promise I will kill you. The tears are now unstoppable. I start to sweat. "Help! Please, someone help me!" I howl. I start sobbing and I am shaking like crazy. I scream and scream. No one can hear me. No one helps me. The voice never stops; it keeps hammering, monotonously, in my mind. I catch my breath as I hear footsteps approaching. "No please no, god help me." The door opens slowly making a scary shriek. It’s a man; tall and ordinary. He comes to a stop beside me. I am able to see all his features now that his so close to me.
His face is terrifying; it is so pale it may as well been paper.  A huge lurid scar crosses his blanched face. His eyes are a cold stone, dry blue, reflecting nothing but horror. Those eyes look all over me, studying every inch of me. His gaze is like a piercing knife though my soul.
"Who are you?" I shout to him with all my might. "Leave me alone please, don't kill me please, I beg you!" my voice is so shaken I can barely spit my words out. He looks at me right into my eyes and grins. He walks to the metallic tables on the far end of the room and makes his way beside me again, he is holding a knife. "No please, no..." I am shedding tears; my voice is small and shabby. He comes near and starts to touch my body. I freeze, unable to make even the slightest movement. His face moves up towards my hair. He strokes it gently and exhales, tasting its smell. He reaches my ear, where he remains breathing densely. Ebb bursts up my throat as his foggy breath is left on my cheek. He rests for long-lasting seconds until he calmly whispers in to my ear.
"I promised, I promised that I would kill you, I always keep my promises."
Tears run down my cheeks as images of me being slaughtered fill my thoughts. He rips my t-shirt and pants. I am too shocked to move or say anything. He runs his disgusting hands down my body with the sharp knife; I wince in pain as the knife presses against my delicate skin. It leaves a little stream of blood as he makes it move down my chest, ribs and stomach, where he finally stabs me. I cry out in agony and see the red blood pouring out of the deep wound. I shout and scream and cry but no one seems to hear my pleas, no matter how rambunctious they are.  He stares; He touches and feels the red blood through his fingers. His bloody hand rubs my stomach and stops right beneath my belly bottom where he stabs me yet again. I yowl by the excruciating throb of ache.  
More blood spills out, still the murder does not cease. He stabs my thigh and my arm and my chest. There is so much blood I can barely devise my own body. The pain is unbearable and the soreness is out of reality. My mind swirls round and round, I am dizzy because of much blood loss and I can hardly think. I have no strength to scream or fight. I see the man watching my face and it seems he has come to an end. And just then he quietly speaks "I promised" and he brings the knife right through my heart.
Darkness swallows me.