Monday, 15 August 2016

Half Human, Half Universe...

There is a universe within her,
That no one ever dares to probe;
With such deep misty corners,
That consume you with her wanderlust .

The shooting stars prowling inside her,
Reflect her infinite hopes;
That with her bold ambition,
Persues without fall.

She is mad and she is fire.
Her soul burns with deep desires.
She wants everything and settles for nothing;
With her intense passion for exotic places and minds.

A glitch within human specie she is;
She scares people because she is a whole all by herself,
And with her blissful insanity,
She has the power to conquer the world.

"Confess" by Colleen Hoover

Hii! So, I finished "Confess" by Colleen and also "Slammed" which I will review next. As expected this book was lovely and unique; I give it a 4 stars which is pretty good. I really did enjoy it, it's not one of my favourites by Colleen Hoover though, but I did like it. So, the story was really good and interesting, the author created tension and foreshadowing throughout the entire book which left you eager to continue reading and find what was Owen's  secret. I also completely loved the fact that Owen's art was inspired by confessions made by random strangers.
So the whole plot is that Auburn wants custody of her child and Owen keeps “dangerous” secrets so, as the book proceeds you are dying to know what Owen hides and what his secrets are however, once he reveals them it's disappointing. Honestly, I thought Owens story was going to be more intense, I don't know, something more shocking or dangerous. I wasn't bad at all, no, it was just that I expected something bigger. However once you get to the real ending there is a small confession that is mind blown. Moving on, the characters were really likeable, Owen mostly. He was funny, charming but also deep. Auburn was fine, sweet and strong; willing to fight for what she cared for. I loved Auburn's roommate and I wish I could have had the chance to know her better, she looked like fun indeed.
Its was written in two perspectives, Owen's and Auburn's which of course created a better understanding of the characters. The ending of the story was really unexpected actually and how Auburn was that smart to pull that off was astonishing. On the other hand what really did it for me was the ending ending,like the epilogue. That small confession was what I was waiting for. What this author always makes sure she adds to her stories, that small piece that ultimately completes the puzzle, that is what makes her remarkable on her work. Lovely ending and I do highly recommend it to anyone!
So yup, that's about it. Stay tuned more reviews coming up soon...
Paulina the book lover blogger

-Allan Wolf