Sunday, 8 February 2015

Heavenly Omen (Pulchritudinous)

A great destiny has been laid upon you
By the one and only god.
Evil is lurking, waiting to destroy
You shall strike the devil before it’s too late.
Your pureness must be kept well locked,
As the key it is for you to succeed.
You will burst like flames and the twins will collide,
As if you triumph you will be granted a wish.
If your soul is needed for justice you shall give it without hesitation and with no complaint,

Since many lives are more worthy than only one

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Words Worth

Words are not words but thoughts.

I never imagined there would be such goings on

In the deep world of words.
I never thought those foreign words
Could have such power to express emotions.
I never knew a single word
Could create something so unreal and real.
I never realized words could convey you 
To magical places which you’ve never imagined.
I never perceived words 
Were the language of thoughts.

Now I now,

Words are powerful enough to transmit all of this,
To transport you to mystical enchanted places,
To think of things you would never have thought of,
To speak that language that makes you imagine and create huge things.

And so I know now, 

That words are thoughts, 
And thoughts are words
As if you have words, you have power. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Doors To Dream Worlds

Are they just Pages, texts, words? Or are they something else?

That happiness you buy,
That does not make you think twice.
A apprehensive emotion overwhelms you, as you realize,
 You are collapsing once more into that lockup,
 That never lets you wake up.
Just like a drug, it hooks you.
Once you did it, there is no way out.
Yet, you are still eager for more.

That rushed feeling that wraps you around,
 Making your skin shiver,
 Sensing, as you slowly open it
 The faintest whisper of a kiss.
 Promising within, a new adventure.

That time when reality is shot down,
And you can escape without coming back.
 As you turn one over, you sense that anxious awareness eating your inside body.
That curiosity that tingles under your skin,
Never letting you be. Refusing to stop,
 Demanding for one more.
Just one more to explore.

As you enter that magical world
You open a life
 Hearing  distinct cries
 Bashful laughs,
And Tentative Shouts

Books are not just words,
But doors to dreams worlds.