Sunday, 24 April 2016

"The Deal" & "The Mistake" by Elle Kennedy 2.5/5

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I will rate this two books together since even though they are different stories they are pretty similar and have the same characters in it, well mostly. So this books are really good actually, even though they are a bit cliche and expected I did enjoy them.  This book is basically about 4 college, best friends and hockey players which live in the same house, they are all handsome and playboys but then Garrett from the first book "The Deal" desperately needs to pass a class and so he begs Hanna to help him; Hanna isn't easy and so Garret really has to beg her and annoy her before she accepts. You can guess what comes next, he falls in love with Hanna. And then the second book is similar, Logan, Garrett's best friend  is also desperate though, not to pass anything but because he thinks he is in love with his best friend's girlfriend. He meets a girl, but uses her to make out and almost takes her virginity away, he stops and refuse to see her further as his guilt takes over.  However, as the story elapses Hanna herself makes logan realize that what he wants isn't her but their relationship. Logan then embraces a journey proving his worth a second chance.  

So I liked "The Deal" a little bit more and the reason is because it had quite interesting stories behind the characters, like for example Hanna had been raped which prevented her to have a normal sex life. Garrett had a jerk father which was always making his life miserable. Throughout the story you get to know both characters in a deep way, their fears, dreams and likes. Their story was okay I guess, simple but enjoyable. Its plot was very interesting though; I did captivated me even though it was strong. This book had humor and excitement, the lovers had a strong attraction and passion for each other and Ellen Kennedy did not hesitate to make that obvious. So one of the main things present in here, and I'm making this clear, it that it has a lot of sex; and other sexual things; not "Ugly love" kind of sex but way, way more.  So before you think about reading this book bear that in mind. I do like when the authors create passion and all that but I just think it was too much. To such point when sometimes I had to skip pages. Half of the words that were in the book I didn't recognize and I had to look them up, so this may have been a good thing or bad thing as I learned a lot of sexual vocabulary. I guess its also the fact that I haven't read many romance books and so I'm a little unexperienced. On the other hand the cover page is very, very good.

The second book "The Mistake' was also very enjoyable too and maybe it was even less sexual, a bit though, it was still very intense. I completely loved Logan and this book did make me cry more than the other one. Logan's story it very interesting and heartbreaking but Grace was a very simple character with nothing interesting nor mysterious. I loved the cover page too. I think the story and plot wasn't all that interesting, it was the same old "I messed up, I will do everything it takes to get my girl back " it was cute though I love Logan. One of my favourite part of this book was when Logan went on a date with Grace, it was super normal and sweet. There isn't much to say,it was basically you know the same style as the first book. There is actually 3 books but I haven't read the 3rd one, maybe I will someday but right this moment I'm having a break!

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Monday, 11 April 2016

The Selection by Kiera Cass

It was awhile ago when I read “The Selection” by Kiera Cass and I've been meaning to write a review of it since long. Firstly I give it a 3 /5 , it is a really nice and enjoyable serie that will certainly make you laugh and cry and feel butterflies. The plot and story is actually very interesting and  original, it's a world which is divided by 8 castes. Depending on one's social and economic status, American Singer is the protagonist and narrator which is chosen to participate on a competition for the prince's hand and the crown of the princess. Maxon is the prince and the lover boy, he is a complete gentleman and he is literally what a prince is supposed to be, charming, handsome, good and noble. I did love him even though I am not a “Good, prince charming” type of girl he was really too adorable not to love. America though was a pretty girl, with a really strong character and a stubborn attitude. At first you get to like America, she is actually a lot like me and I related to her; however she then annoys me because she keeps denying what she feels and doesn't make up her mind, so the way she behaves at the ending is a little frustrating and maybe you will even want to kill her and throw the book across your bedroom a couple of times :) But yeah characters are good I guess.

All through the book America was the narrator and its structure was simple, with simple chapters and simple language. One thing I really thought lacked was passion between the two characters, don't get me wrong Maxon treated America like a princess but maybe he was even too good, like he wouldn't risk you know anything excited, so yeah it did lack passion; and I love passion so no bonus points in there. Also another thing that I remember really pissed me the hell off was the ending, the lovers did end up together and happy and all that but it was so abrupt and unfinished. There was this problem and it just stayed unsolved. So we readers finish up the book with what happened next? What measure was taken to stop the rebels? So for me the ending was way too rushed. 
The cover page though woop! boosted up score, I completely and utterly love the cover pages, they are brilliant even though I usually don't like cover pages with characters in it; these ones are an exception. I love the colours, the dresses and how pretty was America made.  Book 1 overall was the best one for me and I give it a 3 ½ / 5 the other two I give them 3, because even though the ending wasn't at all what I was expecting, a lot of interesting things happened and I did enjoy it.

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Saturday, 9 April 2016

November 9 by Colleen Hoover 4 ½ / 5

Sooo, “November 9” is the second book I shall review and just let me say three words.  wow, wow and holy mother wow. Well yeah, that was more than three but whatever.  I give this book a 4 ½ stars. I loved it maybe even a little bit more than “All the bright places” but yet again they are both completely different stories for different people. “November 9” well it surprised me, it did. It was this complex story with another story inside it, so actually it was two stories in one. It all begins with this girl named Fallon which has a terrible accident on November 9, It leaves her a huge permanent scar; a painful reminder of all the things she lost after the accident, her self esteem as well as her acting career. So then this boy, Ben comes along and they meet in the most weird possible way and have such odd but strong chemistry and attraction that they keep seeing each other every year on November 9 and so the book elapses with them meeting every November 9. However that's not all, as the book proceeds we discover the date November 9 has many mysteries behind it, not only was it the day the accident almost took away Fallon's life but is also connected with everything around her; including Ben. So the story unwraps itself with a shocking truth which is not even the slightest guessable, believe me, I'm a pro at guessing the endings of books and all that but holy fleckers, wasn't expecting that ending at all.

Moving on, what actually took my breath away about this book was the structure of it, how it was divided and how incredibly original it was. The book was divided in to 7 parts; every part being one of the November 9ths when they meet. Colleen Hoover made a great job doing such a quaint and thrilling masterpiece that not only did it hooked me up all day and night but made my stomach feel butterflies and all kinda thingies. One of the really important things that a book must have for me to really love, is for it to make my time worth it, to convey feelings and emotions to me, to actually make me live the story and let me tell you this book did that and more! The characters were amazing and just perfect with their flaws; Fallon, the main character wasn't all that extraordinary but she had something that made her congenial and a story that made her interesting. Ben, he was charming and had a funny humor that was to die for and it actually reminded me a lot about Finch from “All the bright places” he was handsome and comical, even a little mischievous on a cute kinda way, What Colleen Hoover does is that she always makes the characters flawed and that is why they are so perfect, you are able to connect with them and comprehend them in a way that all humans do.  I also liked the passion both lovers had, it was strong and powerful but not too much that would make it porn or unhealthy. “November 9” is now definitely one of my favourite stories. It wasn't cheesy or delusional, well maybe that's debatable but it wasn't you know only sex or instalove or that kind of thing, it made me laugh and cry and scream and sigh, it really was an incredible adventure. Huge bonus points for that. The plot and its story was original with a lot of  turning points and mysteries. The cover page was really cute and simple, I liked it. Oh, and gosh I almost forgot about this part, I completely and utterly LOVED the fact that Colleen Hoover took into account the characters from her previous book "Ugly Love" I squealed and jumped and cried with joy; that was literally my reaction, like I really just jumped up and down on my bed squealing so loud my parents walked in and shut me up :) I don't know I just really got excited to see Miles and Tate and Ian again even if it was only a little while because the fact that you know them and have meet them before makes it awesome, I loved those small details that Colleen Hoover adds which make this book so remarkable.

One of the things that didn't made me give it a whole 5 star rating was because the fact that they only talked and saw each other one day every year did make it a little unrealistic and sometimes the character would fight and would leave unfinished business but they wouldn't talk about it or say anything till next year, like come on that's just silly.. but whatever, you know, it was part of all the original and creative idea; so all the good parts actually overshadowed  the bad ones. This book was amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone, this one is definitelyyy a must read!

So yup, that's about it. Stay tuned more reviews coming up soon...
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ugly Love By Colleen Hoover 4 /5

Hiii, Sorry for such long absence but I am back!

My time for romance novels has officially come to an end. I've been reading love stories for the past few months and I'm so done. (I don't think I will be able to stay away from love stories too long though) I liked every book, some more than others. “The Deal” and book two “The Mistake” both written by Ellen Kennedy, though a totally different story, the second book “The Mistake” is actually narrated by Logan, Garrett's best friend (the boy from the first book). I also read “November 9” by Colleen Hoover which was one of my favourites, “Ugly Love” also by Colleen Hoover and “Hopeless” which by the way, was also by Colleen Hoover; yup I kinda liked Colleen Hoover a little too much, it was like this Colleen Hoover marathon, but I just have to say from the very first book I read she captivated me with her original and overwhelming stories, like holly fleckers, I have to say she caught me by surprise and because of her I now literally love love stories.

Sooo, “Ugly Love” was the very first book I read by Colleen Hoover and so it has the privilege to be rated first. I give it 4 stars, I have to say it was amazing! It was this story that started off with Miles, a pilot and Tate; the sister of miles best friend having a strong attraction for each other, which then becomes a lustful sex relationship. As the book proceed Tate begins to have strong feelings for Miles rather than only lust, however Miles denies feeling anything for Tate as his past life keeps haunting him and preventing him to love again. As the story proceeds it unwraps itself with Miles shocking and heartbreaking history.

The beginning of the story isn't that much interesting, just sex and sex that's why I can't bring myself to give it a 5, not because I didn't like it but because there had to be something else for me, even though the end was FASCINATING and totally heart touching, it did lack rising action at the beginning. The ending really did it for me and through the book all kinds of feelings were transmitted to me.  The characters were amazingly thought of, Miles is a complex character with a deep, hurtful history and so you understand why Miles is so mysterious and conservative at the beginning. Tate is also a sweet girl, she isn't complex at all nor interesting but she's has a lot to do with Miles's decision and recovery and plus both of them together are painfully lovely .<3

The plot and story was really original and interesting, as we got to actually see the story behind the characters and their change from the persons they were at the beginning to them as the book nears to the end.  The structure also gave it the originality and a lot of bonus points as it was written in both Miles and Tate's perspective; this for me was really cool as it helped me see and sense what each individual character felt and what they were going through, you also get to know each character more than just by the main character informing you, cause you are not only seeing the character by another people's thoughts but are actually in the characters thoughts. And last the cover page, I know a lot of people say “Don't judge a book by it's cover” but let's get real, the first impression is always important. At first the cover page seems cool and it did get my attention when I first saw it even though it's simple, however when you actually finish the book you get to understand the cover page and so you love it. I do like it and the fact that it gives the reader a little hint of something important makes it quite interesting.

So yup, that's about it. Stay tuned more reviews coming up soon...
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